Technology Ideas to Support Teaching

Creating Engaging Activities for Students: Making machines


Consider Sarah in this 4th grade project. If this were her assessment it clearly shows her capacity to use

  • Scientific language ( inclined plane, lever, gear etc)
  • Understands energy transformations ( gravitational P.E energy to kinetic energy)
  • Notice with the bloopers how an engaging activity encourages perseverance

(ACSSU155) Australian Curriculum reference


In this Grade 8 Machine Project a student demonstrates energy conversions. However think about the use of video here. Most students now have access to video through mobile phones and can arrange posting to You tube (through parents and with their approval) adding another dimension to their use of ICT.


Mathematics: Using Geogebra


This is free software available from the web and supported by numerous tutorials for teachers and students alike. This is an excellent tool in teaching mathematics. The link below provides a simple demonstration for junior secondary when teaching perimeter and area. You can make your own demonstrations using the screen capture program Jing.

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