Promoting Your Department

One challenge I can clearly recall from my early years as a HOD Mathematics was making a Department  Report  for the school annual look interesting. What did we do that was exciting?

Well, we did plenty of things but we didn’t keep good visual records.

Mathematics Department often fail to promote themselves and teachers often do not think about the products of students learning as being worthy sharing in the wider community.

Promote yourself by allowing students to promote themselves and have fun as well.

The Macgyver Challenge may be one way of doing this by using simple challenges for lunch time maths activities (or the classroom) where students compete by solving and communicating  their solutions that students can later use to

  • share on assemblies
  • add to electronic newsletters
  • adorn your classrooms with quality productions
  • Why not ‘tweet’ your fun or ‘text’ mum and dad at the end of a lesson (a little trust and boundaries required!)

A range of challenges to get them going!

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