Professional Development and Mentoring is my business

Are you planning for the new Australian Curriculum in Maths and Science? Now might be the best time to have your team think about how you teach as much as what you teach. Do you feel like you might need a catalyst to make this happen?

Or do you have a staff member who could do with some individual support at this time?

Schools have limited funding for professional development and mentoring. Do you want to move from a “one size fits all” and try a targeted approach at a modest cost?

Education PD Coaching and Mentoring Services can:

  • Overcome your staff’s indifference to professional development with relevant workshops presented by a practioner who understands the broad demands on staff in schools.

  • Provide value for money and a focus on application of knowledge.
  • Mirror what you want your teachers to do in the classroom.
  • Offer a creative, insightful and successful practioner who has a very broad education experience and continues teach in a variety contexts.
  • Offer a critical friend in the classroom for a period of support or mentoring.

Professional Development Coaching and Mentoring

I bring a practioner-subject focus to pedagogy with an emphasis on hands on engagement – yes, just what we need to take to the learning environment of our students.

Professional Development is the best investment you can make in your staff, and their PD is my business.

I invite you to make contact and perhaps peruse just some of the ideas for professional development in the pages on this site.

patrick@educationmentor.com.au or 0400 468 398


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